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    Products > Domestic & PLC networks > tc4800

    Wifi 802.11ac LDPC decoder

    Product code: TC4800

    TC4800 is a low complexity/low power LDPC decoder supporting Wifi IEEE 802.11ac specifications.

    The core supports throughput up to 1.7 Gbits/s on high end low-power process nodes.

    Its unique architecture is optimized for ASIC, but it can be targeted efficiently for FPGA.

    Functional coverage:

    Supports Wifi IEEE 802.11ac specifications:
    • block sizes range: 648, 1296, 1944
    • code rate: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6
    • shortening, repetion, puncturing


    • low power architecture
    • throughput boost for maximum throughput with best error decoding performance
    • efficient and close to ideal early stopping capability for reducing average number of iterations (reduced power consumption, higher average throughput)
    • latency reduction by bank swapping
    • no external memory required
    • channel BER estimator
    • ASIC core: Verilog or VHDL RTL source code
    • FPGA core available on all popular Altera, Lattice and Xilinx devices

    Related Cores:

    • WiFi 802.11ac LDPC encoder (TC4850)
    • WiFi Viterbi decoder (TC2800)