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    Products > Broadband wireless > tc5200

    5G LDPC encoder/decoder

    Product code: TC5200

    TC5200 is an efficient LDPC encoder/decoder Core solution fully compliant with 3GPP NR (5G) specifications. The Core is fully validated and has been selected by several early adopters for their 5G SoC.


    • 3GPP NR (5G) base station
    • 3GPP NR (5G) terminal
    • WiFi compliant

    Functional specifications (encoder):

    • CRC encoding
    • Filler bits insertion/removal
    • LDPC encoding (basegraph1 and 2, all Z-values)
    • Rate matching (incl. repetition)
    • Bit-level interleaver
    • Support of WiFi (optional)
    • Transport Block level processing (optional)

    Functional specifications (decoder):

    • Bit-level de-interleaver
    • HARQ combining
    • Inverse Rate matching (incl. repetition)
    • Filler bits insertion/removal
    • LDPC decoding (basegraph1 and 2, all Z-values)
    • CRC decoding
    • Soft-output interface (optional)
    • Support of WiFi (optional)
    • Reencoded output stream (optional)
    • Transport Block level processing (optional)

    Core features:

    • Fully validated Cores (comprehensive factory tests, independant verifications)
    • Advanced HARQ combining / stream compression
    • Versatile Decoding algorithm profiles
    • Scalable throughput design
    • Very high clock frequency achieved on ASIC process
    • Multi-Gigabit range throughput
    • Scalable design (three throughput profiles)
    • AXI4-stream interfaces
    • Frame-by-frame on-the-fly configuration
    • Comprehensive monitoring information (syndrome check, SNR indicator,...)
    • Efficient iteration-stopping feature

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