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    January 27th, 2020

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    Products > Other technologies > tc5100

    Flexible LDPC encoder/decoder

    Product code: TC5100

    TC5100 is a highly flexible LDPC encoder/decoder Core. It can essentially cover all possible quasi-cyclic LDPC codes: WiFi, WiMAX, proprietary codes, and also 3GPP Next Release (5G NR) candidate codes. The Core implements a comprehensive set of features like rate matching and HARQ combining. Several Gbps are typically reached by the decoder, tens of Gbps for the encoder. The Core is ideally suited for pre-5G systems, proprietary extensions of WiFi - based links, or any application where flexibility is a key aspect.


    • Pre-5G systems or trials
    • Extensions of WiFi -based systems
    • Any application requiring high flexibility

    Functional specifications:

    • Flexible LDPC codes, hundreds of codes can be handled simultaneously, run-time reconfigurable
    • Supports expansion factor ranging from 2 to 1024
    • Supports any arbitrary base graph based on Quasi-Cyclic construction
    • Flexible rate matching algorithm including puncturing, shortening, repetition
    • HARQ combining
    • Incremental - Redundancy support
    • Soft-out interface
    • Iteration early-stopping feature
    • Iteration abort feature for uncorrectable frames (power savings)
    • Accurate SNR estimation

    Core features:

    • Proven Core
    • Gigabit range throughput (decoder)
    • Tens of Gigabit range throughput (encoder)
    • AXI4-stream interfaces
    • Frame-by-frame on-the-fly configuration
    • LDPC statistics monitoring