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    Brest, France and Shanghai, China

    TurboConcept, the industry-reference IP Core provider for Forward Error Correction (FEC) IP cores today celebrates two years of successful collaboration with Shanghai LoMicro Information Technology Co., Ltd , specialized in distributing IP Core and related technologies in China.

    Jacky Tousch, co-founder and CEO of TurboConcept said:

    "LoMicro is an ideal partner to support and expand our market presence in China, by leveraging a strong market knowledge and an accurate understanding of our customer requirements and expectations. LoMicro team is engaged helping our customers in different phases of their project, from early stages to technical support.

    We started collaboration with LoMicro in 2021 and are very satisfied by our partnership: LoMicro has already significantly impacted our market expansion in China. We are looking forward to continuing and strengthen our relationship and serve together our future customers."

    Robert Xu, president of LoMicro, said:

    "TurboConcept is a reference IP Core provider of FEC IP Cores. They have a comprehensive portfolio of products addressing all FEC technologies needed for 4G-LTE and 5G-NR systems, including LDPC, Polar and Turbo encoder and decoder Cores. Customers are looking for performance and efficiency in throughput, silicon area and power consumption.

    TurboConcept's reliable and silicon-proven products, allow our customers to derisk investments and planning, and to concentrate on their specific market differentiators and technology. The customers adopting TurboConcept solutions are very satisfied with the product quality, performance, and the efficient technical support."

    More about LoMicro:

    More about TurboConcept:

    New IP Core available : LTE/NR small block lengths decoder.

    Our portfolio for 4G-LTE and 5G-NR gNodeB and User Equipement SoC has been further expanded to cover the FEC decoding of small-block-lengths - see TC5390


    TurboConcepts successfully completes research project FlexDEC-5G for designing FEC decoders for 5G

    TurboConcept has completed a three years research project (2017-2019) in cooperation with eSoftThings and French universities University of South Britany (UBS) and IMT Atlantic (IMTA). The FlexDEC-5G project was co-funded by the European commission through the ERDF, by the Brittany region and by Brest and Rennes cities. The project was also supported by the French research clusters Images &Réseaux, iD4Car and EMC2.

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    Improved LDPC and Polar solutions are available from TurboConcept for FPGA and ASIC implementation.

    Our wireless products have been further optimized in the frame of the FLEXDEC-5G project partially funded by the European Union through FEDER


    5G LDPC and Polar solutions are available from TurboConcept for FPGA and ASIC implementation.

    Our products have been extensively tested and validated with several early adopters during H1/2018 and have reached production-level maturity. We propose a comprehensive set of hardware accelerators for LDPC and Polar encoding/decoding. Our products are scalable in throughput and functional coverage, and offer a full set of ancillary features to meet the most demanding SoC requirements.

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