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    5G implementations for LDPC and Polar encoder/decoder Cores are being ready as the 3GPP specification finalizes. Our Cores cover FEC, Rate matching, HARQ combining and CRC check. Please contact us to receive more information.

    A new Viterbi decoder Core covering LTE and WiFi (and optionally WCDMA) (TC1720) is available from TurboConcept. The Core offers a comprehensive functional coverage including rate matching, Viterbi decoding and CRC check for both WiFi and LTE phy layers. The Core implements a new architecture allowing to reach very efficient throughput and latency levels with a small silicon area. The Core is silicon proven.

    Addressing early 5G applications, a flexible LDPC encoder / decoder Core covering a very large range of quasi-cyclic LDPC codes (TC5100) is now available. The Core covers essentially all possible Quasi-Cyclic LDPC codes, with expansion factors ranging from 2 to 1024 and arbitrary base graph. The Core integrates ancillary functions : a flexible rate matching scheme, HARQ combining, soft-output and channel quality estimation.


    A small footprint, low power LTE Cat-0 turbo decoder (TC1770) is now available. The Core covers inverse bit-selection, HARQ combining, sub-block deinterleaver , turbo decoding and CRC check with a very small footprint and power consumption budget. The Core targets LTE Cat-0 and Cat-M applications, and is based on our silicon-proven TC1700 engine.

    A very high throughput DVB-S2X FEC encoder Core (TC4050) is now available. The Core can reach payload bitrates up to 2.5 Gbits/s ( equivalent baud rates > 600Mbaud). The Core implements a very efficient parallel architecture for BCH and LDPC processing. It is fully validated and available on FPGA and ASIC targets.


    TurboConcept's TC4902 is a Gigabit-level LDPC Core fitting in a tiny silicon footprint, while not sacrificing SNR performance. The solution is well adapted to high throughput backhaul systems. The Core is field proven and both Tx and Rx Cores are available.

    TurboConcept's TC1600 is a flexible latest-generation turbo code solution offering unmatched FER performance downto FER<1e-5. The Core is well adapted to satcom or governmental systems. The Core is field proven and both Tx and Rx Cores are available.

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