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    About us > News > 2014


    DVB-S2X standardization success story. Newtec and its affiliate TurboConcept took the lead to put the topic of an enhanced satellite transmission standard on the DVB agenda, teaming up with other DVB Members in order to define and develop an update to the DVB-S2 standard.

    4G multi-mode decoder (TC1700) updated with low throughput, low complexity and low power profile (1X)


    4G multi-mode decoder (TC1700) updated with HARQ combining support in LTE mode


    Homeplug AV decoder core (TC1400) updated to reach 1Gbits/s.

    DVB-T2 LDPC decoder (TC4500) supports T2-lite mode

    Multiple instance LTE decoder (TC1714) reaches 1.2 Gbits/s on single FPGA. It instantiates multiple instance of the 4G multi-mode decoder (TC1700)

    4G multi-mode decoder (TC1700) updated with high throughput profile (16X) in LTE mode

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