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    5G implementations for LDPC and Polar encoder/decoder Cores are being ready as the 3GPP specification finalizes. Our Cores cover FEC, Rate matching, HARQ combining and CRC check. Please contact us to receive more information.

    A new Viterbi decoder Core covering LTE and WiFi (and optionally WCDMA) (TC1720) is available from TurboConcept. The Core offers a comprehensive functional coverage including rate matching, Viterbi decoding and CRC check for both WiFi and LTE phy layers. The Core implements a new architecture allowing to reach very efficient throughput and latency levels with a small silicon area. The Core is silicon proven.

    Addressing early 5G applications, a flexible LDPC encoder / decoder Core covering a very large range of quasi-cyclic LDPC codes (TC5100) is now available. The Core covers essentially all possible Quasi-Cyclic LDPC codes, with expansion factors ranging from 2 to 1024 and arbitrary base graph. The Core integrates ancillary functions : a flexible rate matching scheme, HARQ combining, soft-output and channel quality estimation.

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